Mr. Drew’s Cryptic Response to Kuami Eugene’s Songwriting Claim

Popular Ghanaian musician and dancer, Mr. Drew, has subtly responded to Kuami Eugene’s recent revelation that he contributed significantly to the song “Case” but was not properly credited.

In a recent Facebook live session interview with Naana Donkor Arthur, Kuami Eugene disclosed that he had written the hook and a substantial portion of the second verse for “Case.” He claimed to have contributed about 80 percent of the song’s content and expressed his disappointment in the lack of acknowledgment.

Kuami Eugene conveyed his frustration, saying, “Mr. Drew’s song, ‘Case,’ I wrote the hook and some part of the second verse. I wrote like 80 percent of that song. In fact, before he came to record the song, that hook and everything was already done. He heard it and sang it back. So, I do writing for other artists as well.”

He continued, “It’s quite unfortunate that this is the platform I have to use to send a message to Mr. Drew, urging him to do what he needs to do because the song is doing exceptionally well. That hook is undeniably great. Even if I had performed it solo, it would have still become a hit song because I composed it with the same energy and passion as ‘Wish Me Well.’ He’s like a brother to me, and I believe we should strive to acknowledge and respect each other’s contributions within the industry so we can all progress individually.”

Kuami Eugene also expressed disappointment in the communication surrounding the song’s release, explaining, “All I heard from him was something like, ‘Bro, the song, should we drop it?’ This happened while I was in America, and due to the time difference, I was asleep. When I woke up, he hadn’t informed my manager or anyone else. Later, the second person present during the song’s recording texted me to inform me that Drew had released the song. I texted Drew to inquire, and he left my message unread.”

In response to Kuami Eugene’s revelations, Mr. Drew posted a cryptic message on Twitter that simply said, “Come again.” This enigmatic message has sparked various interpretations and discussions among fans and followers, adding a touch of humor to the situation.

It remains to be seen how this behind-the-scenes disagreement will be resolved and whether both artists can find common ground regarding the song “Case.”


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